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Contact Molly

Want to Contact Molly Cromwell?

By mail: 44421 Adare Manor Square
Ashburn, VA 20147

E-mail: mollycromwell@aol.com

By phone:


Checks for Deposits for Trips: Use Ashburn, VA address above. Make check out to Molly Cromwell Presents Tours.

Dealer Show Contracts: Make check out to Molly Cromwell, mail to Ashburn, VA address above.

Preview Reservation for Shows: Mail check for $18 to Molly Cromwell at Ashburn, VA address above

Reserve Grand Circle Cruise Line Trips: 1.800.597.2452, press 2 and give them our Departure Date and the
Code Number for my Groups: G7 20068. Call me if you are a dealer and want to sell your miniatures at our onboard miniature show or teach a workshop onboard the cruise.

Checks for Balance Due for 2017 March/Netherlands trip or 2017 May/England trip:
Make checks payable to Molly Cromwell Presents Tours - mail to the address on the return envelope you have been sent with the Invoice

Any other questions? Call me on my cell phone.


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Molly's address and phone number