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2019 Christmas Markets


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2019 Rhine River Christmas Market Cruise

We're headed to a wonderful Christmas Markets along the Rhine in 2019 and hope you will join us. Departure is December 3, 2019 - all cabins are double occupancy with a couple of singles, so hop to it, kids!! You will be visiting iconic Christmas Markets in the Netherlands, Germany, a fairy tale village in France, ending up in Switzerland where we can visit that fabulous three story museum of toys, teddies, dolls and MINIATURES. They have a lovely shop..... and one of the major Christmas Markets is right across the street! Or if your traveling friend is not a miniaturist, they can always sample wine or tea at the museum's tea room.

We follow Grand Circle's itinerary but believe me, we have lots of mini fun - both onboard and on land...... in Cologne, we will visit a private collection of antique dollshouses that will knock your socks off! Dealers and crafters who sign up should bring their wares and participate in the onboard mini miniatures show! I've even had the director of the museum buy some of our vendor/passengers miniatures for the museum'[s shop in Basel! Just ask Carl Bronsdon, Sue Thwaite, and Josephine Meyer & others!

Click here to read and print out the 4 page brochure. You'll find the 800 number to call to make your reservation, but be sure to also give them Molly Cromwell's code for our Group: G19-20068, and the name of our cruise - the Rhine River Christmas Markets. For best choice of deck and cabin, make your deposit now! The Grand Circle Cruise Lines 800 number is listed on the brochure, as is my phone number in Virginia. Gather some of your club members or BFF and join me, we have a rip roaring good time. All meals included. Book GCCL airlines suggested and you will be met at Amsterdam Schipol Airport, or you can book your own, but will have to make your own way to embark the ship, both arriving and departing. Wine and sodas are included with meals. Even DH's love this cruise!!

Our optional workshop while cruising will be taught by Gayle Baillargeon from Canada. A 1/4" project, easier to get home with, is a copy of an antique piece - a store complete with counter, shelves and drawers. We'll also have a Santa exchange as well as local artisans coming to visit us when the ship is docked.

2019 Christmas Markets Cruise Workshop



Nuremberg Kitchen In Miniature

4” wide, $75 plus $15 shipping in Canada and the US

Contact Gayle@petworthminiatures.com to order your kit to bring and assemble during the cruise, by October 15, 2019.


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