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Mid-Atlantic Tysons Miniatures Festival

Saturday Pizza Party 6:00 p.m.

$7 Adults, $3 Children 12 -under

Holiday Inn & Suites Olde Towne Alexandria
625 First Street ~ Alexandria, VA 22314

Students register directly with each Instructor. Questions re. availability of class space, tools, etc: phone numbers and e-mail contact are provided. Mail class registration check to the instructor at the address given.

Break for lunch

Classes are 1" scale unless otherwise noted.


34th Mid-Atlantic Tysons Miniatures Festival


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9:00 - 4:00

Learn how to turn simple paper into tiny, realistic potted succulents in 1" or 1/24th inch scale that will add character to any miniature scene you choose. Techniques for making several different types of succulents will be taught, using a variety of paper punches, most of which can easily and cheaply found online or in craft stores. Not only will students be able to make their own potted plants, but will gain the skills necessary to continue creating once back home. Techniques can also be applied towards the making of other types of plants. We will start with a few basic types in the morning, creating a bowl of Echeveria types, a small pot of Lithops, and an Aloe plant. Then, after lunch students are free to finish work from the morning, or experiment on their own. I can assist with any questions/difficulties and bring photos for extra inspiration. 5 terra cotta pots are included with the cost of the class but more will be available for purchase. You may also bring your own containers.


Bring a pair of fine tipped pointed tweezers, a small pair of scissors or exacto knife, and a 10/0 paintbrush.
To register, please e-mail Alex at botinyminiatures@gmail.com

Just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving! Students will create a 1” scale country shed, the kind you run across while taking a Sunday drive in a rural area. Plants, vegetables and fruit made by Mary will be available to fill baskets and crates to fill the scene. You’ll create Autumn leaves to make wreaths, accents and fill vases or baskets. The shed is pre-built in order to complete the project in one day, but you’ll learn antique finishing techniques. It measures 14 1/4 L X 10” H X 6 ¾”W shed with a base that measures 16 L X 11 W X 10 ¾” high so student can add other features at their leisure! The veggies, fruits, etc and industrial ceiling light are included in the workshop price. Autumn leaves will be created to make wreaths, accents and to fill vases or baskets. The shed may be lighted in the evening by the industrial utility light on the ceiling. A wooden planter box at the back of the shed will hold a trellis which camouflages the light switch. A covered side wooden box holds the batteries. A table in the shed allows the gardener to create the delightful wreaths, baskets and accents using the bounty of their garden.

A small base with room for simple landscaping will allow students to add their own touches to the outside of the country shed! Students will learn to use paints to weather the outside of the shed creating an aged, country look. Some accents will be made using autumn leaves that the student will create from paper, paint and added fine lines to create veining. Basic wiring skill will be used to install the overhead light, switch and battery box. Overall intermediate mini skills and experience will allow the student to be successful.

Students will need a basic mini tool kit. Most used items will be a strong, waterproof craft glue, paint brushes, masking tape, black and brown fine line waterproof markers and tweezers. Other supplies will be supplied at the workshop for students to share.



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